Why should I join the North Dakota Pilots Association?

1) The North Dakota Pilots Association is a supporting organization. We take pride in knowing that we can and will take personal interest in all pilots in North Dakota, as well as interest in aviation issues in the State of North Dakota. We encourage all of our members to get involved at all levels because together we can make a difference.
2) We support keeping our 89 airports in North Dakota active and open as well as generating interest in new and upcoming airports.
3) NDPA members get the opportunity to be appointed to a district position as well as run for a state-wide office and also vote at our annual meetings. All pilots in North Dakota have a voice; we are ready to listen and respond.
4) Our organization is ready and willing to go to any means necessary to keep North Dakota airspace free and clear for many generations of pilots to come.
5) NDPA actively sponsors education initiatives like aviation safety programs and safety seminars all over the State of North Dakota.
6) NDPA has ties with a variety of North Dakota’s aviation organizations like the ND Aviation Council, Aviation Education ND, the ND Aeronautics Commission, and many more.
7) Our members range from students to commercial pilots and are from a diverse section of occupations and varying interests.
8) There is good communication from NDPA to its members. Members with email have an instantaneous method of communication from the pilots association about a variety of issues that might affect you.
9) Our organization allows our members to reimagine how they fly through new technology and other opportunities in the aerospace industry. NDPA also supports the responsible integration of new technology like unmanned aerial systems into our airspace.
10) NDPA gives you the opportunity to come together with pilots from across the state and also allows you to become more active in your state’s aviation system while having a great time with other individuals that share a similar interest.

I would like to cancel my automatic renewal service with the NDPA, how do I do this?

We are sorry to hear that you want to leave. To cancel your automatic renewal service with the NDPA, please fill out the cancellation request available HERE.