Fly North Dakota Airports

The North Dakota Aeronautics Commission, along with the ND Pilot’s Association and Airport Association of ND are co-sponsoring the “Fly North Dakota Airports” passport program. The program rewards pilots who fly to North Dakota’s publicly-owned airports, attend FAA safety seminars, and visit North Dakota’s aviation museums. “Fly North Dakota Airports” promotes safety and education, and encourages pilots to practice approaches and landings in many different environments. It’s also a great way to support general aviation airports, businesses, and tourism.”

To participate in the program pilots should pick up a Fly North Dakota Airports passport book and keep it with them while they fly. Each publicly-owned airport in North Dakota, as well as both air museums, will have a stamp that pilots use to stamp the appropriate box in their passport book. Once an award level is reached the pilot mails or presents their passport book to the North Dakota Aeronautics Commission office in Bismarck. Awards and recognition will be given at the annual Upper Midwest Aviation Symposium.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Once I complete the Bronze level, can I continue using my same
passport for the Silver or Gold levels?
Yes, once a passport has been submitted and reviewed, it is returned
to its owner and can be used to advance to the next level of the program.

2. Where at the airport do I find the stamp?
At most of North Dakota’s airports the stamp resides in the Arrival and
Departure Building next to the visitors log. Or they are in “Box on
Post” near the hangar or spray office.

3. I visited a North Dakota Airport that wasn’t able to stamp my passport
(no stamp, no passports, etc.). What do I do?
If you are unable to get a stamp at a North Dakota airport, please contact
the North Dakota Aeronautics Commission on time and date of visit,

4. Who is eligible?
Any FAA licensed pilot from any state can participate in the North Dakota passport program.

Award Levels

Passport Participation Levels

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