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North_Dakota_state_sealState of North Dakota Office of the Governor

Jack Dalrymple, Governor

WHEREAS, aviation continues to play an important role as an economic catalyst in North Dakota, creating over 16,000 jobs and contributing $1.6 billion annually to the state’s economy; and
WHEREAS, North Dakota’s aviation industry acts as a catalyst of the state’s diverse economic opportunities through enabling development efforts, creating opportunities for communities, businesses, and citizens; and
WHEREAS, airlines operating from North Dakota flew a record 2.4 million passengers in 2014 and contributed over $500 million to the state’s economy through air tourism; and
WHEREAS, North Dakota boasts of world premier aviation education, product development, and technological advancement; and
WHEREAS, North Dakota is home to one of six designated Unmanned Aircraft System test sites in the nation where research is being conducted to help integrate this new industry into the national airspace system; and
WHEREAS, aviation IS also an essential part of our agricultural productivity as 120 aerial applicator businesses sprayed over 4.5 million acres of crops in 2014.
NOW, THEREFORE, as Governor of the State of North Dakota, 1 do hereby proclaim March 2015, AVIATION MONTH in the state of North Dakota.


Jack Dalrymple