The purpose of the North Dakota Pilots Association (NDPA) is to promote and expand general aviation in North Dakota. NDPA feels that one way to accomplish this goal is to award an annual scholarship to assist an individual in learning to fly.

Past Recipients

Damien Gehler, Fargo 2013

Scott Graeber, Bismarck 2014
Lori Jury, Valley City 2014

Noah Goedertz, Bismarck 2015
Nick Erickson, Bismarck 2015

NDPA Flight Training Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to assist an individual in obtaining a sport, recreational, or private pilots certificate. The scholarship will be given to an individual who is either from North Dakota or is taking lessons from a flight instructor who is based in North Dakota.

The application is available here. Complete the application no later than January 31st. The recipient will be notified in February and recognized during the Upper Midwest Aviation Symposium in March.

Donate to the NDPA Scholarship

Funding an annual scholarship is a challenge for NDPA. We do not have a stable or large source of income. All income is from dues paid by members who join or renew annually. This income has to cover all events and activities of the association. Therefore, this scholarship needs to be self sustaining if it is to continue indefinitely.

NDPA will designate a portion of member dues each year to go towards this scholarship, as decided by the Executive Committee. This will be combined with any money received from donations specified for the NDPA scholarship. The goal is to build the fund to a point where it becomes self sustaining.

We need to encourage more people to learn to fly and earn their pilots certificates. A scholarship from NDPA might be the push an individual needs to begin their training. If you know someone who is eligible for the scholarship please encourage them to apply. And please consider donating to help build our scholarship fund. Any donations to help fund the NDPA scholarship are greatly appreciated. If you would like to donate please mail your donation to: NDPA, PO Box 5020, Bismarck ND 58504.